90 Day Coaching Enrollment

What You Can Expect Over 90 Days

  • Identify your triggers & learn to let them stop controlling you
  • Finally let go of your past and step into your future
  • Develop a clear visual of who you are becoming
  • ​Learn what self love actually is and practice it daily
  • ​Break through your comfort zones and face your limiting beliefs
  • ​Take responsibility for what you do have control over
  • ​Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made in your past
  • ​Relieve chronic pain and chronic inflammation
  • ​Use food to reduce your body's immune response
  • ​Make movement a daily practice
  • ​Use exercise to help your body better adapt to stress
  • ​Practice different breath work techniques to either energize or calm your system
  • ​Create a stronger mind, feel empowered, and excited about your life
  • Never struggle with toxic behavior & food again
  • Heal & balance your gut health
  • Discover what foods are irritating your body and causing inflammation 
  • ​Eat to nourish your body not punish your body
  • ​Stop emotional eating binges
  • ​Learn & permanently change unhealthy habits
  • ​Stop torturing yourself with the scale 
  • ​Start feeling like enough as you are
  • ​Be proud of yourself every single day
  • ​Calm your fight or flight anxiety response
  • ​Reduce inflammation in your body and brain
  • ​Heal your relationship with food, your body, & your mind
  • ​Start using exercise to help you feel and function at your absolute best 
  • ​Give yourself acknowledgment and celebrate ALL your wins
  • ​Live from abundance & gratitude

Hi Warrior!
I'm SO excited to work with you over the next 90 days. 
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Let's Do this Warrior!

Love & Strength,

90 Day Coaching Overview

  • 12 Weekly Video or Phone Calls with Christine  
  • 90+ Online Workout & Movement Videos for 90 Days which can be done from home with minimal equipment
  • 30 Beginner Movement Videos -  30 Days of Movement Program
  • ​12+ Video Lessons & Meditations every week
  • ​30 Day Meal Protocol Calendar & Recipes
  • ​Access to Private Facebook Group

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Week 1 | Observe

  • Observe yourself, thoughts & actions
  • Journaling
  • Evolution Photos
  • ​Declare Intentions
  • ​Begin movement program
  • ​Functional Lab Work

Week 4 | Comfort

  • Mindfulness Practice 3
  • ​Comfort Zones
  • ​Cues & Triggers

Week 7 | Reintroduce

  • Mindfulness Practice 6
  • ​Weaning off Elimination Diet
  • ​Reintroduce foods

Week 10 | Own Yourself

  • Mindfulness Practice 9
  • ​How do your signals affect you
  • ​Deepen connection to yourself
  • ​What is your body really craving?
  • ​Assess your new level

Week 2 | Connect

  • Mindfulness Practice 1
  • Breathwork Introduction
  • ​​Root Connections
  • Connect to where you are currently
  • ​Take inventory of behaviors

Week 5 | Responsible

  • Mindfulness Practice 4
  • Responsibility
  • ​Habits & Rewards

Week 8 | Balance

  • Mindfulness Practice 7
  • Gut Health Balance
  • ​Life Balance Priorities
  • ​Fermented Foods role in gut health

Week 11 | Sustain

  • Mindfulness Practice 10
  • ​Prepare through your new set of habits how you will sustain your new growth this week
  • ​Plan next steps into your healing long term

Week 3 | Remove

  • Mindfulness Practice 2
  • ​30 Day Elimination  Protocol begins
  • ​​Identifying practices that are not serving you
  • Connect to where you are currently

Week 6 | Your Warrior

  • Mindfulness Practice 5
  • Comfort Zones
  • ​Cues & Triggers

Week 9 | Empower

  • Mindfulness Practice 8
  • Morning & Evening Routines
  • ​Social 

Week 12 | Free!

  • ​Celebrate your evolution!!
  • ​Enjoy and thrive in your growth!

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