Learn 6 Things that Helped Me Recover from Depression, Anxiety, & Binge Eating

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Does this Sound like You?

“I hardly have any energy to do what I want or need to do."
Almost nothing interests me anymore.
"Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by sadness."
"Mornings are the hardest."
"At times, my mind fills with negative thoughts, especially about myself."
"I don’t believe things will ever change or get better."
"All I want to do is sleep. "
"Sometimes I feel more positive, but ultimately I fall back down into a hole. I’m fed up with this cycle. I am ready to heal my depression.”

Or What About This?

“On my worst days, anxious thoughts flood my mind & paralyze me."
“I absolutely believe the horrible things that I’m thinking will actually come true.”
 “Insomnia keeps me from sleeping at night.”
“Sometimes it gets so bad, my whole body is overcome with stress and panic."
“I can’t calm myself down.”
“My anxiety stops me from doing all the things I really want to do.”
“I can’t go on like this. I’m ready to learn to live from a place of calm.”

It's common for depression & anxiety to cycle simultaneously. Sometimes one triggers the other.

Even if you were crawled up in bed today feeling like your struggle will never end.
Even if you have no idea how you will do this, it's possible.
I want you to know this, if nothing else, after coming here:
You can reclaim your life from Depression & Anxiety.

BOOST YOUR MOOD & focus your mind.
Determine the  ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms through a
FUNCTIONAL NUTRTION protocol specific to you.
UNTANGLE disempowering habits that are holding you stuck in the same loop.
RE-DEFINE your inner strength, your why, and what you desire for your future.
Connect with a team of women all learning how to live a thriving life.


See yourself waking up happy, ready to jump out of bed, looking forward to the day. 
What does it feel like to feel energized, fully embracing life, returning to the things you love
Imagine yourself living your days with 
self trust

You have grounded your anxiety and now live from a place of calm
 To your sheer relief and delight, with this clear mind you’re able to do what your anxiety kept you from doing before. 
You believe good things will happen. 
You trust that you are capable of handling what comes your way. 

You are not broken, Warrior.

If this is difficult to envision, I completely get it. 
When I was struggling, the person I wished to be felt so far away. 
Felt overwhelmingly impossible.
Most days, I almost forgot she ever existed at all.

This program is for you if you are ready to...

You want to overcome your depression & anxiety symptoms

Feel energized!

Improve your mood

Improve your nutrition

Not let your anxiety rule your day

Calm your body's response to stress

Empower yourself with actionable tools

Face what's holding you back from healing

Re-connect to Yourself

Can commit to the next 90 Days

Find the root cause of your symptoms

Connect to vitality

Begin a movement program

Boost your mood

Nourish your body

Release toxins in your life

Release your past

Choose a powerful future

Alleviate inflammation

Untangle Bad Habits that are holding you back

Functional Nutrition looks to get to the root cause of our body becoming imbalanced, deficient, and inflamed.
Research is showing more every day how connected our gut health is to our mental health and wellbeing.
A functional nutrition approach looks at everything starting with the method you were born (C-Section or Vaginal) through to your adulthood. 
Combined with a coaching approach, we work together to define what a powerful future looks like for you as a roadmap of where we are going. 
We couple this with the information from your lab work, our intensive weekly calls, your subjective inputs, medical history, plus more
 to help you gradually make change.

Hi, I'm Christine Coen!

I'm a NYC based Functional Nutrition Registered Dietitian & Fitness Specialist, working one-on-one both in person and remotely with clients for the last 10 years on helping them reclaim their lives through movement, re-discover their inner strength, and overcome depression & anxiety.

Depression and anxiety crept in while I was in my early 20’s. Before that, I took my health for granted. But, working as a fitness professional and dietitian, I felt under immense pressure to look, eat, and live a certain way. So when I started to feel exhausted all the time, hopeless, & binge eating every day to numb out from everything I didn’t want to deal with around me, I went deeper into a shame spiral. “This was NOT how someone who is supposed to know what to eat and how to exercise behaves,” I would tell myself. I felt like I was always failing. At the time I really had no idea what was happening. All I knew was I was I was a shell of the person I used to be, and was too embarrassed to say anything to anyone about. I felt there was nothing to look forward to, and I felt like there never would be again. One day I made a connection after I dragged myself to a yoga class that I felt significantly better, lighter, more myself than I had in a year. Movement, the thing I took for granted previously, ended up being the thing that helped me lift myself out of depression. My purpose became healing myself, and my anti-depressant of choice was movement.

What People Are Saying:
This is a highly motivating and personal program where a professional trainer who’s both expert and very real takes you through a 22 minute strength/cardio workout that’s very intentional and rejuvenating. In addition to posting daily workout videos with her cat Knox, Christine shares mood boosting ideas, recipe and nutrition guidance and stretching routines. This is the workout that comes to you, speaks to you body and soul and can change your body and your outlook.

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that day 17 was the day I broke out of my funk. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve done any kind of workout. And while my weight is fine, I feel pretty sluggish and like I was when I started working with you years ago. 

I don’t know how you do it, but you can motivate even the most determined to stay lazy!
I did the shoulder workout yesterday morning, no weights, and I’m sore today. And I feel great! I’m looking forward to getting back on track and your workouts are the perfect solution until I can get back in a gym. So thank you for being so awesome!   - D
I felt like she was my personal trainer in my living room.
I just want to thank you for doing the work it takes to write these emails, record these videos and speak the truth you speak so well!! Every morning, I wake up, read your emails and my day begins with your truth as the first thing I reveal myself to. I will admit, up until today, I had been doing my own 6-week workout plan, so I didn't do videos. I watched all of them, though! :) But today, my body and my mind were craving something new, different and challenging. The video you sent this morning was exactly what I was looking for. I added one more set of each circuit to make my 30 minutes of exercise (I like to see those little rings on my watch close, terrible habit, I know! ;) ) and I am feeling the burn! It. hurts. so. good!!! What you are doing is touching more people than you realize and doing more good than you know. I appreciate you so much for it!! Keep it up!  - V

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Helped Me Recover from Depression, Anxiety, & Binge Eating

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